Molly (Mrs. Weasley to you young ones) is what I affectionately call my Duct tape Double. she had been looking under the weather so I decided to make a cover for her out of some stretchy twill like fabric I had in my stash.
The process is/was fairly simple – make a tube of fabric the same size as the largest measurement and several inches longer than needed. I made my xx wide and a yard long.

Then I slipped it over the dummy wrong side out and pinned in darts where needed. I found that starting at the middle and working up and down worked best. Don’t forget to pin the shoulder seam as well. Then slip it off and run it thru a machine. I didn’t even bother with marking anything, I just pulled pins as I got to them.

Here is a photo of Molly in her new cover. It only took a couple of hours!