so a couple of things happened after Thanksgiving. Hubby and I went to SUPER Walmart. Its super big and super crowded. While walking around showing him what we haven’t been missing all out lives, he picked out presents for the kids in NM. So I call up my friend in NM to see if said chosen presents would be a good pick and after talking a bit, I’m making the kids ritual wear. woo-hoo! I would have suggested it first off but I wasn’t sure they would want it.

So a tunic for each of the boys and a little dress for the girl. Hopefully I’ll have a photo soon of them wearing it. Which I’ll post as soon as I have it.

The tunics are very simple although (i hope) I made them on the long and wide side so they will fit longer… The dress is a simple white dress with a lined bodice and skirt. The outer skirt has three (?) 2 inch tucks sewn in using pink thread so that K can lengthen the dress when she needs to. (see photo at left, for reference Victoria is 4’10” tall and wears a girls 14 slim @ Old Navy)

They all have patches that I purchased on ebay – a dragon, a griffin, and a phoenix – the kids mythical creatures!

Luckily it only took me a week to make them all (around work and such) and the patches got in just in time to ship it all off for Yule.