I tend to do lots of research before I make something… sometimes its specific but most times I just read everything I can find on the subject and look for the similarities.  In making this skirt, I read all the blogs/articles listed below, some were merely (ha!) inspiration and others were like a map for what I wanted to do. 

Jessamy’s Regency Costume Companion
La Couturiere Parisienne…
American Duchess 
La Couturiere Vienoise
Armed & Slightly Dangerous
and many others that I just can’t seem to find at this point…

I just completed this petticoat for my 19 year old daughter.  The quick and easy description of what I did was measure the circumference of her in her pocket hoops and the distance between the floor and her side waist over the hoops. 

To make my life easier I cut the panels and sewed them together and hemmed the bottom.  The (probably) was way easier than trying to hem it while it was on V.  I used grosgrain ribbon for the waist ties.  I had her put on the pocket hoops and dropped the skirt over her head until the hem hit the floor.  Then I simply (kind of – if anything is simple when pinning to a squirming person) pinned the skirt to the waist ties…

Although this is all you HAVE to do to create this type of petticoat; I, OF COURSE, had to add a knife pleat ruffle along the bottom.  In general this wouldn’t have been a problem at all, but the fabric tried REALLY hard to not have a pleat at the bottom of the skirt.  The sewing complications actually caused a lot of hilarity, but suffice to say ’tis done!