So since I want to go to (and work) Dicken’s Fair this year my main project is a Victorian outfit.  Well, really two since I want a fancy party dress (for GBACG day) and a work (Upper Middle Class) outfit.  As with everything in costuming, ’tis best to work from the inside out.  For further disclosure at the age of 18 (or so) I spent 6 months to a year playing around doing Civil War re-enactments and made a complete outfit. (Yes I went camping in my corset. I’ll have to hunt up the photo(s) and post about it later.)

  1. Chemise – While I want to make a new one with the Indian cotton that I made V’s from, I’ve a perfectly acceptable substitute for now – an old nightgown made of lawn.
  2. Pantalettes or drawers – Yes, they will be split crotch.  No, I haven’t a pattern for them yet… Do you have ANY idea of how difficult it is to go to the ladies room in hoops and a corset?
  3. Corset – project du jour
  4. Corded petticoat – project for tomorrow (or next week or really when I can get to it.)
  5. Hoop skirt or cage crinoline. – Sigh. My choices are:
    1. Make one myself – I haven’t done this in 20 years, but I know how. Without a pattern even. Really it’s more about do I want to…  (The question becomes – Is it worth being able to say ‘I made everything I’m wearing except the shoes…’)  Supplies (if I use a pattern) will run
      1. Pattern $10.50 (TV 142)
      2. Hoop wire $48
      3. Bone casing $24
      4. oh an some fabric <2 yards and 5 yards of grosgrain ribbon…
      5. plus shipping and time (I estimate it will take about one day to make.)
    2. Buy one. <$100 – the down side to this is that it’s hard to find hoops in natural fabrics…
  6. Over-petticoat – the last time it was all ruffled like Scarlet’s…
  7. the Fancy dress… (TV 456) – I already have a pretty brown plaid for it… and some cool olive green trim…squee!
  8. the Work dress – well I have a skirt (in blue), really I need to make a bodice to go with it.  The skirt is one I use for many eras, re-working the waist as necessary to add fullness to the back or even it out.

Well, I’m off to the fabric store to pick up grommets for the above mentioned corset… Wish me luck!