Butterick 4254

I’ve been very busy sewing and not posting.  I have almost completed a corset. I’m using a Butterick pattern as my base.  I’m actually very excited about this corset pattern as I can make a 18th century corset too!
I’m making the bottom right style and using a boning style inspired by the blue corset in Victoria and Albert’s Underwear: Fashion in Detail page 86 & 87. 
I have decided to use a layer of white coutil, a layer of twill on the inside and I found in my stash some pretty cotton print for the fashion fabric. 
I have to say I had a lot of trepidation cutting into $25/yard coutil.  I “could” have purchased it cheaper, but that almost always includes a minimum purchase that is/was >$25 and/or purchase 5 or more yards of coutil.  While I like to sew, I don’t see me making too many more corsets…
Although I’m familiar with bagging the inside layer to make it smooth, I’ve decided to make this in a way that’s easier to alter.   I’m currently working on covering the grommets with a button hole stitch to make the corset a) prettier and b) make the lacing move through the grommets more smoothly.
close up of fashion fabric
One side pieced together (before grommets)
Grommets are time consuming.  It took 4 hours to punch holes and place the grommets in this corset.  Keep in mind that I was grommeting (and now sewing) through 6 layers of fabric.  In this pattern the back seam is folded over for the grommets.  I was also fortunate enough (or at least my arthritic hands were) to be able to use my friends grommet setter.
I will post photos later of the finished corset and when letting my fingers rest I’m working on making a corded petticoat – but more on that later.