Since the next GBACG event is a Shakespeare picnic; I need Tudor underthings.  Luckily, I have things that will work if I don’t have time to make all new period correct garments.  If you aren’t familiar with the history of clothes it can get very confusing.  I have finished a corset using the Corset Pattern Generator at the Elizabethan Costume Page.

This is really one of my favorite patterns to make and I’m currently on a test wear.  I like to wear any corset around the house for a while to figure out any spots that bind or any problems that might crop up at an event.

I chose to cord this corset much like my regency corset.  It makes it a little more comfortable to wear, but I made sure that the channels are big enough to fit 1/4 inch flat steel bones if Ifind it isn’t supportive enough.  I closes in the front and back all the way so after wearing it a bit (and stretching it) I may need to take it in some.  I’m also debating just sewing a seam in the back to take it in as well.  We’ll see.