I’m going to the Shakespeare picnic in September.  I need an Elizabethan Era dress.  I’ve chosen this painting by Allori, c1590 (or 1555-57).  The subject (depending on your scholarly opinion) is either Maria de Medici (1555-57)or Eleonora di Toledo de Medici (1590).  I don’t really care which, because while the girl is pretty – this is all about the dress.

Now while I adore the peacock blue and yellow of the dress, I fell in love with a green striped fabric when shopping, so I’m using this as inspiration for my silhouette.

The painter of this portrait lived from 1535 to 1607 and this painting has been attributed to 1555-1557 and hangs in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Austria. http://bit.ly/prw1ZR