So my fabric is pretty, has been washed and the bodice cut out.

The fabric is cut on the bias so I can chevron the seams.  I *thought* it was a good idea.  My green fabric (that used to have an antique gold stripe before it was washed) is VERY SQUIGGLY.  So I am flat lining it.  Easier said than done.  NOW I have to make all the edges line up. Great gods in heaven this is a trial worthy of Job.

Luckily for me – after some patient smoothing, I got it mostly done.  I sewed the layers together and then in a moment of bravery went straight into putting it together.  AND OMG (SQUEEEEE!) It WORKED!!!  Now it isn’t perfect but I steadfastly refuse to fuss about it.  (and I’m not sure that the casual observer will really notice)

 I do apologize for the iphone photos, but my darling girl has packed away my proper camera for her costume fittings tomorrow.