File this one under random musing that have no relevancy whatsoever,will probably offend at least half the people that see it and several that don’t even know it exists but somehow I felt the need to put fingers to the keyboard anyhow….

For many people 9/11 is a day of remembrance.  For me it is a day of sorrow and frustration and a bit of an insult.  While the following may offend, it comes from the heart of an honest citizen who is and has been conscious of the sacrifices of others so that we can live our happy little lives.

Disclaimer:  I am a military brat (Vietnam era).  I served during the first gulf war.  I am a military spouse.  I can look at the history books and know that in EVERY war or offensive – I had a family member serving in the armed forces.

Historical side note:  History is written by the victors.  In my adult life I have come to understand that the people that we call patriots are (well, were at least) traitors in England.  During the revolution WE were the terrorists, the rebels.  Our country became what it is today BECAUSE OTHER COUNTRIES SUPPORTED OUR ATTEMPTS TO FREE OURSELVES FROM OUR OPPRESSORS. (No offense intended to our current allies.)  The very same thing that many in our country complain about – our troops and our money being used to fight another’s war.

But back to 9/11/2001.  Many Americans apparently never thought about the fact that just because we enjoy the rights given to us by our constitution: our free market society, the ability to vote for our leaders, separation of church and state (freedom of religion) and the ability to complain about all of it – that there are others in the world that will want to limit those freedoms.

Americans:  The world didn’t become more dangerous – you just became more aware of the dangers.  It is much more likely that you are going to be killed in a car wreck that killed by a terrorist (my opinion NOT scientific fact) but you don’t stop driving cars.

There are those that were directly affected and because of that they will make (sometimes major) life changes.  You do that when a family member or friend dies.  But for the rest of us it was news.  Yes the aftermath did affect us physically (we couldn’t travel easily for a while) and financially – but other than that it was no different that hearing of bombings in the middle east or Ireland.  Or at least it shouldn’t have been.  See we all should have been aware.  We all should have known.

(WARNING: what follows next is an irritated rant)
Many folks suddenly pronounced themselves “patriots” and put up stickers and flags. Folks started preying on the need to feel included by selling commemorative items – stickers, ribbons, charms and such.

My husband and I had an argument about it once. He was insulted that I threw away a sticker we had received as a “free gift” in the mail that said “I support our troops” My response was – I don’t support our troops any more today than I did a year ago and I DON’T feel the need to suddenly declare that I do so.  I had (and have) no intention of letting some terrorist action dictate a change in my routine.  Otherwise the terrorist would win.  I will fly my flag on the same schedule I did every year before.  I will not follow fads and put stickers on my car.

All in all – I’m not sure if I should be thankful or sad – at least until 9/11/2001 the armed services had done such a good job that most Americans didn’t even think they were in danger.