This morning I spent 26 minutes on the phone with the folks at Barnes &  Now I consider myself a tech-savvy girl and I believe that it IS POSSIBLE for the shelves that I’ve created on my device to sync to my Nook Library.  IT CAN’T POSSIBLY BE THAT HARD.

I understand that I purchase a first edition Nook.  I know that the cool apps aren’t gonna work on MY Nook.  I just want the software to WORK.

And really all I’m asking is that when I’m looking for a new book to read that I can look it up by type (say I want to read a romance) instead of by title or author.

There are several options here:
1. B&N sorts the ebooks by type in their store.  It can’t possibly be that hard to leave those keywords in and let it sort that way on my Nook.

2. You could sync the shelves between the Nook.

3. You could do both. (Oh heavens!)

The suggestion I got from the manager of the department was that – oh wait.  there was NO suggestion of how to fix my problem.  (not even a snide remark about my apparent OCD.)  I asked if I could download the e-reader to my computer and sort there – would the e-reader and my Nook sync?  She couldn’t tell me.

Just the sheer fact that the Nook developers seem to have forgotten about my little Nook is insulting.  Fancy games or books with color illustrations isn’t what I’m going for.  I just want to be able to find a silly children’s book when I look for it.