So, for some background.  Granny lived in Browning Settlement, in East Texas, near modern day Tyler.  The dress in made of cotton and the detail on the bodice is (to my best memory) fabric – although it looks like lace over black.

It was a December wedding and the groom moved in with the bride and her father.  Ida was the youngest of eleven (yes, 11) children and the story goes that she promised her father that she would stay at home to care for him and never marry if her promised her the house and the land it sat on.  Grandpa Browning apparently liked Mr. Thompson and approved of the marriage.  Grandpa Browning passed away 2 years later, leaving the home to Ida and Mr. Thompson.  My cousin (Ida’s granddaughter) lives in that home today.

For size, Victoria was about a girls size 12 and about 4’9″.  Now I’m sure Granny wore this with a corset and petticoat but she wasn’t much bigger than Victoria here who was in stocking feet and a tank top and bike shorts.

The dress buttons up the back, although we only figured it out after these photos were taken.  It looks like it has a small train.