I’ve been woefully neglect in posting.  Needless to say much of my time was taken up with Dickens Faire, projects and a trip to visit family in Texas.  I will be posting about the projects individually as I was able to take photos and notes during some construction.  Since I last posted, I have made a Victorian Alice costume, modified a Queen of Hearts costume, worked Dickens (which is loads of fun) and traveled to Texas and back to bring home fabric, vintage clothes and dishes.

Also, this year I am inspired to participate in The Historical Sew Fortnightly hosted and planned by Leimomi Oakes aka The Dreamstress.  The basic idea is that every fortnight we sew a new historical item.

For the first fortnight, I’m making a fichu for Victoria as she will be modeling her mid 17th Century American dress for the GBACG Fashion show.

Off to sew!