So on my trip to Texas I got to go through my mom and grandmother’s stash to pick what I wanted I’m such a lucky girl that I also received stash fabric from my Dad’s wife, Blu and some of my great grandmother’s dresses(including the dress that family history says is her wedding dress!) from my cousin Jill..  I’ve spent the last two weekends cleaning and sorting everything.  Due to how some of it had been stored, I ended up being quite ruthless in my cleaning (barns are NOT friendly places for fabric storage).  ALL of it – from swiss dot organza and leopard print faux fur to dusty rose taffeta (it was bought in the 80’s so give me a break) – was washed in HOT water and run through the dryer.  This weekend, we finished up the lace.  Whew! I now have 3 more shoe boxes of lace and 3 more plastic tubs of fabric.  All neatly sorted by base color thanks to my OCD. See below for photos!  I lost my sewing room to a new roommate a little over a year ago and I’ve taken over part of one side of the garage for my storage, while I do most of my sewing in a little area off the dining room.  Thus continuing a family tradition of having more fabric than food on the dining table (they make WONDERFUL cutting tables!)