For a costumer one of the easiest, most needed and almost never seen accessory is a project bag.  Especially for folks that costume like Victoria – who only make one costume per era and doesn’t usually have accessories that go across costumes.

For example, Victoria’s 18th century dress has an extra set of sleeves (ruffled ones) that can easily replace the tailored sleeves she mostly uses.  She also has a pleated collar. These small things can easily get lost, so I’m making her some bags that can hang on the hanger with the costume.

I simply cut some muslin rectangles (mine are about 9 x 11 inches) and serged three edges together. I have also made shoe bags for her to use at Dickens Fair where at the end of the day we are frantically throwing our costumes in a box and have shoes that are filthy.

As you can see from the photo below, I was able to use some scrap fabric to make a matching one for her 18th Century gown.  Now all her pieces are hanging in the closet together!