One of the things Victoria needed to complete her Alice costume properly was a hooped petticoat.  Last year we were able to get by with a square dance petticoat with a muslin petticoat over it.  It worked for shape but Victoria had a tendency to get hot. One of the things I wanted to do was make her a hooped petticoat.  Now unfortunately for costume folks,  girls hooped petticoats are seldom sold and if they are they are quite expensive.  Muslin isn’t expensive at all and the hoop wire was about $30 with shipping and I used 1/2 inch bias for the channels.  If you think this is a little much for a little girls dress, I’d like to remind you that girls dresses had the same circumference as the adult dresses.  The Alice costume is 120 inches.  There are four bones measureing 55, 75, 86 and 90.  We really just played with the sizes a bit until we got the silhouette we wanted.  The skirt is just under 18 inches long  and has a drawstring waist.

We will add a petticoat over it to smooth the lines but I’m really happy with the shape!