Also known as The UnEnding List of Things to Do, But Make Me Happy So They Are Worth It.

So I took some time to sit down and write out all my projects.  I have two lists.  One if for myself and another is for Dickens.  My list includes projects for me, gifts and projects for Victoria and Meghan (They mostly need prodding to work on their projects but still its use of my machine.)  The projects for Charlie are lower priority, mostly because the are things for him to wear with Victoria…

This list does not include other sewing related tasks such as
Historical Sew Fortnightly (but I think some will apply!)
Attending Costume College
Helping Meghan Move
Moving Victoria’s Room
Re-Instating my Sewing Room

Some items have deadlines (Dickens related things)- others do not (ie Kana has been a to-do for a couple of years now)


  • Corded Petticoats (3? – one for each of the girls)
  • Queen of Hearts (Two parts – repair and make another)
  • Alice Cape – blue with white stripes (note to self – purchase 1′ white grosgrain – ~20-30 yards)
  • Alice muff – white rabbit fur of course 
  • Sash for green stripe regency dress
  • overdress (regency)
  • pelisse
  • curacao
  • Pink Plaid
  • Green Kirtle
  • Chemise -Regency long sleeve
  • 30’s Dress (I will commission this one, but I have fabric..)
  • 50’s Dress
  • Florentine (not yet finished, but technically wearable)
  • Quilted Petticoat
  • Round Gown
  • Pantalettes (Alice, QoH, and a spare one or two)
  • Pirate shirt (Victoria*)
  • Blue Kirtle (Victoria)
  • Breeches (Charlie)
  • Coat (Charlie) – Actually he should have a couple Victorian, Revolutionary, and Regency
  • Kana (Victoria)
  • Belle Steampunk (Victoria*)
  • Tricorns (cuz pirates amirite?)
  • Blue Dress (Meghan*)
  • Pantalettes (Meghan*)
  • dino corset (Meghan – tudor style*)
  • rapunzel corset (Meghan – 18th century style*)
  • steampunk corset (Meghan – underbust*)
Its not much right?