After much thought and planning of how I was going to complete as many Historical Sew Fortnightly challenges, I decided that I needed to make a Bustle Pad, before I could make other items on my list.  See skirt length is important and I want to make a quilted petticoat for Flora and Fauna.  Just in time, the White Challenge was posted!  I don’t wear white often, so making a Bustle Pad would be perfect. So I researched a lot of images and came to the idea that a pillow that is about the size of my rump would work.  I did some careful measuring of my attached rump and came up with the dimensions of approximately 11 inches long and 20 inches wide.  I of course cut out a semi oval approximately 22 inches wide and 14 inches tall.  For ease of drawing the pattern, I looked around for a large gently curving oval and lo! there was the turkey platter!  I drew my pattern onto the fabric directly and folded it in half (again) and proceeded to cut it out.  I added some eyelet lace and proceeded to stitch it together.  I machine-stitched it all (except the tufting.)  Stuffing it was fun ad I got to play with density and loft.  After sewing if all together, I added some tufts to control loft and keep the padding from moving around.  All in all from patterning to trying it on was only a couple of hours.

My William and Mary Turkey Platter as pattern!

I don’t always press, but I do about 95% of the  time.
The Finished Product – A Bustle Pad and a Rump!

The Challenge: HSF # 15 – White (Due July 28, 2013)

Fabric: White sprigged cotton from my stash, polyfill

Pattern: does my turkey platter count?

Year: 1870-ish

Notions: d-ring, eyelet lace

How historically accurate is it?  depends – the look is definitely period, but modern techniques and fabrics.   

Hours to complete: 2?  from patterning to finish

First worn: not yet, for the Tissot Picnic.

Total cost: $.78 for a package of D Rings (of which I only used half.) The rest was from my stash.