This is a photo heavy post.

After completing my Bustle Pad, I took the time to take some photos of the silhouettes I can make with different combinations of padding.

First, I currently have three different pads.

In our area we call this a kicker.
Mine is VERY flat from being squished  and packed flat.
Bustle Pad (large)
This is a small pad.

Here are the shapes I can make by combining them.  I deliberately used my regency apron to show the fall of lightweight fabric and the difference that padding can make to a hemline.

Prof. Sprout with just the apron.  
Prof. Sprout with Bustle Pad.
Prof. Sprout with Kicker

Prof. Sprout with Bustle Pad and Kicker..
Prof. Sprout with Bustle Pad, Kicker and Small Pad. 

By combining them I can approximate the padding of several eras – from Georgian to Bustle.  For example, the small pad can be used with my hoops for 1860’s  and I can use either the kicker or the bustle pad for Georgian, (depending on how big I need/want that bump to be…).  I also took the time to have a friend come by and measure my waist to floor length in several of the combinations.  The new Bustle Pad makes my center back measurement 4 inches longer than center front.