Remember this?

Cartridge pleated skirt

Well, unfortunately 20 yards of Indian cotton doesn’t pouf out a skirt much and while it was fun to make and learn that “Yes, I too can do it!” – its the perfect color for the next project (HSF #18) I have.  See, I want to make the jumper Anne Hathaway wears in Becoming Jane.

Screen Capture - Anne Hathaway - Becoming Jane (2007)
Screen Capture – Anne Hathaway – Becoming Jane (2007)

As you can see, its a sheer-ish dress but with a chemise and pantalettes, its very modest.  I was sick for much of the stitching, however the skirt is four panels re-gathered into the original waistband.  The bodice is simply two panels with a curve at the top and at the armsceye.  I also made the cord for the neckline by hand as well!  I don’t need to tell you that it was really hard to turn the fabric until I figured out to use the smallest safety pin I owned…

The shirt is an old shirt that was in my repair basket.  I’ve had it for around 10 years and it was a favorite until the lace under the bodice tore.  I repaired it with the machine (zig-zag) and cut the full length sleeves into 3/4 ones and added the cuff/tie by hand.  (The shirt was done in a couple of hours this evening).


HSF #18 -Re-make, Re-use & Re-fashion
Fabric: Indian cotton (from the skirt) and an old blouse I’ve had for about 10 years or so.

Pattern: hand drafted (on the fabric)

Year: roughly 1795

Notions: hook and bar, thread

How historically accurate is it? Its based on a movie costume – I’ve not seen extant examples that are similar, but a its a summer day dress it wouldn’t have lasted long anyway.  Those were probably turned into quilts and rags when worn out.  Certainly not kept as treasures.

Hours to complete: about a week of hand sewing in the evenings (about 4 hours a day)

First worn: For the photos – but I’m taking it to costume college.  It feels comfortable enough to wear in class and not too distracting.

Total cost: $0 (Woo-hoo!)