We don’t want to discuss how late I am with this one (ahem, MONTHS).  Although in reality I’ve done loads of embellishments since then, but this little project only fits this HSF challenge.  I originally made the reticule a couple of years ago when I first made my blue Dickens work dress.  This is the same fabric.  For this project I simply added an applique that I found in my grandmother’s stash.  This will be my new everyday reticule for Regency… since most of those dresses are green or red this won’t match so it will be perfect.

The Challenge: Embellish

Fabric: none

Pattern: none

Year: Regency Era

Notions:an applique from the stash

How historically accurate is it? weeelll, it isn’t embroidered per se but it LOOKS like whitework – right?

Hours to complete:less than one (once I found and cleaned everything.

First worn: For Costume College

Total cost: nada