When I think Edwardian I think Pollyanna and Anne of Green Gables.  Every summer on the first weekend of August PEERS holds a free picnic dance.  I don’t usually do much dancing but visiting in costume is always fun!  I’m very lucky that my friend Liesl was able to make me an outfit – I don’t sew this era much and with the move/divorce stressing me out I wasn’t up to learning new techniques.  Liesl was also generous enough to lend me her boater so I did get to do a bit of sewing to add the coordinating bands and the cockade.  After seeing the dress in a fitting, my daughter said I looked like an Edwardian version of Captain America – thus the cockade in the shield colors with a star in the center.

Here is the outfit in action:

Jennifer Edwardian


P.S. – I can’t thank Liesl enough!  I got loads of lovely compliments!  I can’t wait to wear it again!