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I prefer the early regency years, and by early I mean the 1790s through the 1800s. The I feel the fuller skirts are better suited to my hourglass figure. Anyway, I always end up dressing myself and have trouble getting my fichu to sit correctly instead of billowing up to my chin. I really do have a short neck. So I decided to make something to fix that.

Its a pretty simple design, but based – loosely – off the 1797 Wedding Dress in the Museum of Denmark https://samlinger.natmus.dk/dnt/asset/28716?fbclid=IwAR2TQfyIFBz64NhO3YPfsA7-E75o1sjVTjN2B-ERtqkIk_50LUhuRtuDxTo Which is the same dress I based my black dotted swiss dress off of.