I’ve been following a blog for a few weeks called Mama’s Losin’ It!  She has this awesome writers workshop and she sends out prompts.  I don’t always write – this is my first time – but even just thinking about some of the prompts inspires me.  This week’s prompt is

4.) Share the story behind your current Facebook and/or Twitter profile photo.

Me in Ashland – one month before my 40th birthday.

The short story is that my photo was taken during dinner vacation..  We had traveled to Ashland, Oregon to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  (I turn 40 this year).  We were at a pub called The Black Sheep.  This is the first time in many years that I can truly say that I was relaxed and happy – no content.

The long story is MUCH more involved…

See, I asked my husband to take the photo and I worried about using it.  I REALLY like it and think that it looks pretty good -but- I feel AMAZINGLY vain when I look at it.  This is my upbringing talking telling me that I shouldn’t be so proud that I look nice.  That I shouldn’t get joy from how I look.  I was raised in a progressive family that didn’t often tell me how pretty I looked, but praised me on doing something correctly,  difficult or a chore that no one else liked to do.  I was raised to think that my looks didn’t matter – I should always do amazing things… although ironically I was taught that I should always look my best.  So I’ve decide that using this photo as my profile photo is a small victory for me.  I felt pretty that day and I feel pretty when I look at it. That’s enough for me.

and since I can’t make the button work…
Mama Kat