I miss the Halloweens of my childhood. There was no political or religious motivation to the holiday – just another fall tradition. I grew up in a rural area, but my parents made sure that we got to go trick or treating. I miss Mrs. Hoppe’s popcorn balls and Aunt Betty’s caramel apples. I hope that everyone takes the time to make sure that their kids enjoy treats that don’t come in a pre-wrapped package.

I used to make special homemade treats for the kids I knew, knowing that if I put my name on the wrapping the parents would let their kids enjoy. Of course that was when I knew all the kids in my neighborhood. Where I live now, we have mostly older couples. A few grandchildren visit occasionally but last year we only had 10 kids stop by. On Halloween, it’s a little sad to live in a neighborhood where the youngest is in college.

When we got older, Mom and Dad were on the board for the local community center, so we would hold a festival at the community center. Here the caramel apples and popcorn balls were handed out along with prizes for best costume and games and a wagon ride.

At my sister’s church they have a pie walk along with a festival. Kind of like musical chairs except its spots on the floor and you get to choose a pie as a reward!

What do you do to celebrate?