My Dicken’s Fair costume has been approved.  Yippee!   

So the long and the short of making it.

The Skirt.
The skirt is actually 7 panels (gored) using the skirt pattern from Butterick 6196.  The regular pattern only uses 5 panels, but I added two when I bustled the skirt a few years ago.  I re-hemmed it so that it sits a few inches off the floor.  I just pleated the into a waist band and added a placket.  I made the skirt large enough to wear with or without a corset.

The Bodice.
The bodice is made using the lining pattern from TV456.  I used the upper sleeve pattern to make a pattern for the sleeve.  I did the math for the cuff as I wanted to be able to slip my hand through the cuff and not have to fasten it.

The Shawl.
Hand crocheted from about 5 skeins of gray lambswool blend.  Its big enough and basic enough to be used for several centuries of costumes.

The Tucker.
That would be the white blouse part in the close-up.  I went shopping at the thrift store for a blouse that closed around me neck and had pretty embroidery.  It cost about $4 at the thrift shop.

The Underthings.
The corset I’ve talked blogged about before here.
I also wore the corded petticoat and the cartridge pleated petticoat.

The Bonnet needs to be embellished but I’m very excited!