So I was inspired to make this when I purchased a regency dress from a de-stash.  I like regency but really haven’t gotten around to making a chemise.  I want to make the sleeves long with a ruffle at the wrists as the fabric is itchy and I think that ruffles will look pretty.  I’m also debating making a chemisette with long sleeves  and a separate sleeveless chemise instead, so we will have to see.
I’ve heard good things about the online pattern generator, so I’m going to try it.
Here are some other online resources I’m using:
For fabric, I have access to a wonderful little Indian grocery and picked up 10 yards of voile weight Indian cotton. (oh ma gawd will that feel nice next to the skin!)  I understand that linen was the usual fabric for shifts, however I live in Northern California and wear my dresses in the summer mostly, if I lived closer to the coastline, I might relent.  Plus my fabric is only $2 a yard!
My goal is to finish this by Halloween… we’ll see.